Impression of children

For “peace” I want to cherish people around me and make everyone smile!

At the time of peace learning, I thought why people in Hiroshima would not blame foreigners.
The reason was may be because people in Hiroshima wish for “peace”, I thought.
The reason why I guess so is that the people in Hiroshima have already experienced sorrow and suffering and they do not think that I want to expand their sorrows and sufferings again.
To that end I think that I made the Atomic Bomb Museum.
I think that Hiroshima who wishes “peace” in this way and continues to convey the gratitude of “peace” and the painfulness of war is so wonderful.
And we think we should not forget the graciousness of “peace” and the painfulness of war.
What I felt in this peace learning is that “peace” means being able to be with a smile.

It is not a matter of course that we can smile. It is thanks to the accumulation of efforts for peace of people until now.
What we can do for “peace” is to make people around us smile.

It was amazing to have chosen the path of reconstruction!

I learned about the Hiroshima atomic bomb during peace learning.
What I knew before peace learning was only the thing that the atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima.
I have learned from peace learning for a month from there.
Even in the war that some people started, many countries and people are involved. And when the war is over, many people die and supplies are gone, the town will become a burned land, and during that war, many people grieve, food will gone soon ….

There were things that seemed not only sad but also amazing.
I think that it is wonderful that they chose the path of reconstruction instead of hating the country that dropped the atomic bomb.
I was impressed that there was a great will for them to accomplish the reconstruction.
In order to eliminate such war, we need to call the country which is experimenting with nuclear weapons, make sure that countries around the world will never use nuclear weapons again.
I thought that it is necessary to hand down the history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Besides that, we got a lot of impressions of peace from children.

◆ “I think that the person who worked hard hoping for the reconstruction of Hiroshima without giving up was great.
I also want to work on many things to make the world peaceful. ”

◆ “I learned the important thing that everyone helped each other and had the hope of living.”

◆ “I thought that I would like to help others who are suffering and troubled by speaking to themselves because of peace.”

◆ “It is my first time that I have been affected this way by reading cartoon books!
The kindness that existed in reality is impressed in the mind. I want people from all over the world to read it! ”

◆ “I was impressed with the fact that the people of Hiroshima never hurt or hate, and actively worked towards reconstruction positively.”

◆ “I have increased interest in peace than sadness and hatred of the dropping of the atomic bomb.”

Impressions from teachers and the general public

Not life that mourn for hardships, but a life grateful for being thankful

Hiroshima people lost everything when the atomic bomb was dropped. But they did not judge people, they lived powerfully with a feeling of “Forgive”. I was impressed by their appearance.
Taeko’s great-grandmother Tomoe’s words, which was said to be “not life to mourn for hardships, a life to thank you for thankfulness” remained strongly in my heart.
I will not forget to thank you for being able to live peacefully and freely now, I will live aiming for a bright and bright life.


I am impressed by the positive power and way of living of the women in Hiroshima

I did not know how Hiroshima had rebuilt after the atomic bomb until I read a book.
I also felt ashamed of myself who did not know about it.
I learned that “people in Hiroshima chose to move forward towards happiness more than hatred for their descendants and the future.” I have learned the deep power as a human being.
I looked to myself, what would I do if I were them.

I was impressed with the positive power and ways of living of Hiroshima women.
They are always moving forward and thinking something for the people.
I am thankful that my current happiness is due to their efforts.
Human beings Whatever the circumstances we have, I have found that we can live brightly and vigorously for the future if there is support from people and people.
Those are drawn by comic, so I read an easy-to-understand at a stretch.

I plan to donate to the library and the elementary and high school libraries.
I would be glad if you could read with many children and they understand the importance of peace.



Forgive is “the foundation of peace”

I read this manga and was touched by the soul as it trembled.
The reason for this was because the precious figures of people who chose the “forgive” way of life, not the “grudge” way of life, was highlighted under the root of Hiroshima’s revival of the miracle.
On August 6th, my mother, who attended a labor service at a military factory, lost two younger sisters at the atomic bomb. However, she taken over the job of someone on a day off, so she survived. She saw a nuclear mushroom cloud in a suburban factory.
My father ran away from the disaster in another form. My father and mother were married after the end of the war and I was born in this world.
I have never heard words of anger or resentment against Americans who robbed my sister’s life from that my mother. It was the same for grandparents and aunts who were exposed to radiation.
So I have not held the thought of hatred or anger. Therefore, I can understand Taeko’s message well.
Peace will not come if we keep having the thought of “someday to take revenge on a person”.
Do not judge, do not blame, habe a forgive mind, this is “foundation of peace”. I would like to continue to tell it to the whole world.


I will use it at school.

This was very easy to read.
Last year, before going on a school trip, I learned with children about Hiroshima and the atomic bomb. However, they became somewhat heavy atmosphere.
They do not know the history from Hiroshima’s postwar appearance to the present and I myself do not understand well either.
It is important to tell the facts, but I thought that studying the way people live after the war will motivate studying through reconstruction!
I do not leave only the image of the darkness to elementary school children, but also I will teach so that the strength of the people thereafter will be conveyed. I will use it at school.



important content is included to convey Japan overseas

I am 39 years old now and are separated from the era when I was at war.
Regarding the atomic bomb in Hiroshima in particular, there was knowledge only about “BAREFOOT GEN” that I saw when I was a primary school student.
This time, I read Hiroshima of Kiseki, I reconsidered anout war and Hiroshima again.
Actually, I surprised that foreign tourists have a negative image against Hiroshima.
For me it was a shocking story.
I feel very regretful that that Japan seems negative from foreigners despite being such a nice country.
But as a region that received the atomic bomb, ”is it reality?”, I was made me think deeply.
Although there was an accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant in the East Japan great earthquake, at that time I was in Miyazaki prefecture.
Even though the land was far away, I remembered that the people the BJ League (basket team) scoop left Japan and left home.
I realized again that it was such an important thing from the viewpoint of overseas people.
From that experience, when they knew the land is where the atomic bomb was dropped, I think that it is inevitable that they imagine that everyone is not allowed to enter.
Right now, Hiroshima is popular with baseball ‘s “Carp Girls”. There are also specialties called okonomiyaki. They restored from the atomic bombs with the power of hope of the area. I learned that and I thought that the way to see Hiroshima would change.
In recent years, in Japan where war is forgotten, I would like the people to read this book by all means. And again, I think that you can think about Japan and war again.
From Hiroshima as a starting point, I think that important content is included to convey Japan overseas.