President Obama was moved by “The Hiroshima Miracle”

In 2016, I gifted “Hiroshima Miracle”
to US President Obama who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Then, President Obama reading a book sent thanks letter for us.

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Through “The Hiroshima Miracle”, we are telling how women at the time faced recovery.

Author Taeko Tada’s grandmother passed away by the atomic bomb on that day of dropping the atomic bomb.
Her mother and great-grandmother bombed the atomic bomb at 1.5 kilometers from the hypocenter, but they were miraculously survivor and experienced Hiroshima reconstruction.
She grew up, listening to reconstruction experiences from my parents, grandparents and relatives since she was young.
She wanted to start activities to pray for world peace from Hiroshima.

Fortunately, we and our children now know only peaceful lives.
However, we must continue to inform the next generation that the tragedies of war, the use of nuclear weapons can never repeat.


Time goes forward only
Women of Hiroshima who lived facing forward rather than hating someone.
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300,000 children a year are coming to Hiroshima on a school trip for peace learning.
People’s interest in “peace” is rising, and school trip trips to Hiroshima have increased about 1.5 times. (Relative to 2013)
Many records and materials are conveyed only misery, especially young people may want to turn their eyes away.

Most books that convey Hiroshima have conveyed the world the misery of the atomic bombing caused by dropping the atomic bomb.
“The Hiroshima Miracle” depicts how the Japanese of that time faced the reconstruction.
I published a book to disseminate “Forgive Heart” and “the Importance of Peace” to the world through women in Hiroshima who continued to have hope.

※ What is Forgive? : We are using the word “Forgive” in the sense of embracing everything and trying to improve progress.
“The Hiroshima Miracle” depicts the hearts of “Forgive” of women who looked forward and revived without without hating or grudging.

In the morning of a sunny day 73 years ago, Hiroshima became burnt ground by the atomic bombing in a flash.
However, the people of Hiroshima have overcome difficulties and have revived hemselves by keeping hopes and keeping hope even in a devastating situation.

Hiroshima had been told that it would not grow plants for 75 years, but it quickly recovered – Plants with sprouts in half a year or trams that resumed operation in just three days from dropping the atomic bomb, it is handed down as a symbolic existence of reconstruction.
Hiroshima have built a position as an international peace and culture city.


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When I was a high school student, I participated in volunteering for peace inheritance in Hiroshima Peace Park and started activities to convey the importance of peace to high school students both in Japan and abroad.
However, I began to have doubts that peace education in Hiroshima might only convey the magnitude of the damage of the atomic bomb.

“I would like to help peace education that children can participate positively while enjoying with smiles!”
From such feelings, in 2015 after 70 years of atomic bombing, I originally published a manga “The Hiroshima Miracle”. The keyword is “Reconstruction”.

300,000 children a year are coming to Hiroshima on a school trip for peace learning.
I hope many children will read “The Hiroshima Miracle” and start with what we can do close to make it possible for world peace.

We are looking for more ways of peace education using this manga.
In Japan, we have started free lending of The Hiroshima Miracle 1,000 volumes in Japan. It is used by schools and companies.

It is an honor to be able to realize world peace together with you.