We would like to help peace education where children can participate positively and exciting with a smile!

More than 300,000 school trip excursions a year are visiting Hiroshima for peace learning.
Despite being learning “peace”, they look down sadly and looking gloomy after seeing a lot of materials conveying the tragedy of war, the damage of nuclear weapons.

By the way, if you search Hiroshima in Japanese, it will come up the Itsukushima Shrine floating in the ocean, the A-Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Castle surrounded by greenery and rich in nature.
However, if Hiroshima is searched in English (Hiroshima), it will come up only the pictures of the burning fields and mushroom clouds covered with debris right after the atomic bombing.
For people around the world, Hiroshima is still an image of “Atom Bomb”.

“We would like to help peace education
where children can participate positively and exciting with a smile!”

From such feelings, in 2015, when 70 years since the atomic bombing celebrated, Taeko Tada, the representative, published the manga “The Hiroshima Miracle” as the original, self-published.
The comic is based on the true story of her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and women in Hiroshima who experienced the recovery from the atomic bomb.

“The Hiroshima Miracle” focused on the historical fact of “Hiroshima Reconstruction”, it is the future oriented. It convey “forgive mind” and the “importance of peace” the future-oriented.

※ What is Forgive? :
We use the word “Forgive” in the sense that we embrace everything, not a specific person or country, to improve our progress.
“The Hiroshima Miracle” draws the “Forgive” mind of women who look forward and recovered without hating or grudging.

I hoped that each of the children would take the first action to realize world peace and I decided to lend 1,000 books free in Japan.
For schools, cram schools, classrooms, for educational institutions, you can use it anywhere in Japan.
We are looking for more ways of peace education using this manga.

We aim to broaden the circle of peace education that will benefit the world.

We will continue to challenge in order to create a peaceful future with our children.
It is an honor if you approve of it.


The Hiroshima Miracle【Guinness】 World's largest origami crane2020 Hiroshima Olympic signature activity

The 1st volume of “The Hiroshima Miracle” was published in July 2014.
All 5 volumes have been completed on June 21, 2015, the 70th year after World War II ends.
I published an English version in March 2016 and published to bind copies together into one volume in April 2017.

In August 2009, we tried Guinness with the creation of the world ‘s best orimami crane and it was certified.

In February 2010, in the wish to hold the Olympic Games in Hiroshima, we formed a support team. We conducted activities for the Olympic bid to Hiroshima.